1000 Internships Campaign

Reshaping together young Cambodian workforce... Ready for the Economy of Tomorrow.

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Increased growth & diversification of the Cambodian economy

Cambodian economy has an annual growth of 7% GDP, to maintain this growth the country needs a highly capable workforce with a new skill-set and increased job readiness.

Employers unable to fill positions with qualified candidates

With the diversification of the Cambodian economy away from traditional farming, it is increasingly difficult for employers to highly qualified employees.

Covid impacted and disrupted higher education

Over the last 2 years, Covid 19 negatively impacted not only the economy but also higher education, and limited work-based learning opportunities for students.

Let's work together

1000 Internships Campaign aims to provide 1000 Cambodian university students with a paid 3 months internship opportunity in the next 12 months, with a minimum of 50% of all placements being filled by young women.

How does it work?

We are asking the private sector, civic society organizations to pledge the number of paid internship positions they will create within the next 12 months in their company.

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Discuss Internships in your organization

Make internally a commitment to provide paid internships within your company/ organization.

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Decide how many internship places you will create

Based on your company size and growth development decide the number of placements you will create.

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Make a pledge

Click below and make a public pledge to provide paid internships within your company/organization. HERE!

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Start implementing your internship placements

Now, start planning and organizing your internship placements.

What are you waiting for? Join in!

Join in the Campaign and make an internship pledge to create student internship opportunities in your company or organization.

Internship Pledges made so far

Here are the awesome companies and organizations who already made their pledge to create new paid internship opportunities for students in Cambodia.

What Other Companies Say

Offering internships can be a promising business strategy for your company to identify talent and potential full-time hires. Internships are a mutually rewarding relationship between your company and its interns.

"Hiring interns help us to fill short-term staff gap, and enables us to find a new talent for the business fast."

Derek Sao
Co-Founder of Delightech

"As a startup, we were looking for dynamic team members who would grow with our company. The 3 interns we hired were amazing."

Jitka Markova
Co-Founder of Impact Explorer

"Working with an intern has been rewarding. It enables us to deliver online digital campaigns and improve operations, which is why we provided training and mentoring to our intern. "

Sandy Kotan
Founder of Only One Planet

How can I get involved, if I am not an employer?

Everyone can get involved in this Campaign, not only employers, as part of the campaign is to raise awareness about paid internships in Cambodia.

Highschool & Univesity Students

If you are a student you can join CamSEED ambassador programme to help promote internships at your university or school through events and presentations .


Share it with your coworkers to raise awareness about paid internships while also helping with implementation.


Help us to spread the message about the importance of paid internships in Cambodia, and the positive impact it can have on Cambodian economy and development of future workforce in the Kingdom

Policy Makers

If you are a policy makers, please join in the debate about importance of paid internships in Cambodia

NGOs and Local CBOs

Join in by creating internship positions in your organisations and by supporting young people you might work with in securing internship placements.


If you would like to volunteer as part of this campaign, get in touch! We would love to work with you.

Are you a student looking for an internship?

If you are a high school or university student looking for an internship, we are here to help.

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Our Partners

We are excited to work with a commited group of partners to deliver the 1000 Internship Campaign in Cambodia.