1000 Internships Campaign

Moving Cambodian Economy Forward Through Paid Internships.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic 200,000 university students in Cambodia have had their university education disrupted and moved online. This has not only impacted the quality of their academic performance, but also their ability to secure meaningful future employment at the end of their training. The problem is complex and multi-layered. Due to online learning, thousands of students missed out on further opportunities to develop their soft-skills. In addition, Covid also impacted the students’ ability to join volunteering programmes and internship placements that would allow them to gain work experience and practical work-place skills, as a majority of employers themselves were struggling with transitioning to online working and their management of staff in the new Covid normal. As a result, Cambodian university students had limited exposure to the world of work, which, if left unaddressed will have a devastating impact on this generation of Cambodian graduates, and the wider Cambodian growing economy. This is especially important as the economy is moving towards implementation of Industry 4.0. To address these issues CamSEED and its partners are launching the 1000 Internships Campaign. 


“To provide 1000 Cambodian university students with a paid* 3 months internship opportunity in the next 12 months, with a minimum of 50% of all placements being filled by young women.” 

*Note on why paid internships: Paid internships provide equal opportunities and access to all university students regardless of their socio-economic background, religion and gender. Paid internships provide a level playing field for all, and are necessary to enable female students and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in internships and work based learning.


CamSEED is an ambitious Cambodian technology startup with the goal of helping to promote the culture of paid internships in Cambodia and helping to provide students from whatever background access to life-changing opportunities of internships. 

It aims to be companies' most trusted assistance in finding potential student interns in the shortest time and at the most affordable price, as well as providing students with real-world experience and skills while earning a suitable amount of salary, allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity for an internship and not just those who can afford to work for free in the world of unpaid internships.

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